Andy Anderson Autographed
Collectibles from "Crazy Wisdom"

Andy Anderson pack of cards

Collectible Packs

Contains 2 cards and 1 lottery card

Starting at $12.96

yuto pack of cards

Skateboard Auction

The skated complete from Andy's darkslide

Starting at $1

yuto pack of cards

Box (10 packs)

Each box guarantees an autographed card


yuto pack of cards

Single Pack

Contains 2 cards and 1 redemption card

Starting at $12.69

Yuto Horigome Pack Details

Yuto's authentic beanie

Yes, the actual beanie that he wore at Hollywood High has been cut up and put into 404 of these cards.

12 different 1 of 1's

1 of 1's can only be claimed through the redemption card. Scan the card to see if you got it.

English & Japanese cards

There are 3 photos in this set, each has an english and japanese card for a total of 6 different cards.

6 different rarities per card

Each photo has 6 different rarities. Base, Rainbow Holo, Blue Lava, Red Kyber, Black Mosaic, 1 of 1 Gold Legacy.

Garrett Hill AF Card Details

AF #1

Garrett Hill's famous coffee slam will set off a new collection. Every year, expect another fun moment from skateboarding history.

How to enter

Owners of any Series 1, 2, or 3, digital moments will be automatically entered to win the first-ever AF card. (Each moment counts as an entry.)

50 winners

We will randomly draw 50 winners, live on stream with Garrett Hill on April 6th at 4pm PST.

Watch live stream

Non-authentic cup

Did you really think he kept the cup from his Coffee Slam? Yeah, theres no way. But we can have fun with it and pretend he did.

Berrics Farewell Cube Features

See where your cement comes from

Scan the QR code on your cube and it will show you exactly where it came from in the park, and a video of all the highlights from that spot.

View Spots

Golden ticket to BATB 14

Every pre-order will have the chance to get a free flight and hotel to BATB 14 Finals Night.


Signed by the pros

Each cube will include a different signature on the cement. It could be a signature from Malto, Berra, Joslin, Koston, Bam, etc...


Full-Length Berrics Story

A documentary about the history of the Berrics, and how large of an impact it has had on the skateboarding community. (Coming soon)


Physical collectibles

Each card comes in a sealed box, with a different serial number and rarity type.
Once they have sold out, they will never be reprinted.


Tony Hawk's Last 900

Signed, numbered and includes a piece of Tony's Ramp



Jamie Foy at Hollywood High

Signed, numbered and includes a piece of Jamie's truck



Jaws at El Toro

Signed and numbered by Aaron "Jaws" Homoki


yeah right lenticular deck


Celebrating 20 years of Yeah Right!


Julian Rookie Card

Julian Jeang-Agliardi

First-ever Rookie card


Pull Physical Collectibles out of Digital Packs

Digital packs contain the chance of pulling Legendary moments. If a Legendary is pulled, we will ship the physical card to you for free.


Paul Rodriguez in "What The Prod!?"

**Pull a Legendary and unlock this physical card**

Starting at $14.69

Torey Pudwill Legendary Refractor card

Torey Pudwill in "Bigger Bang"

**Pull a Legendary and unlock this physical card**

Starting at $12.69

Mikemo Capaldi Legendary Refractor card

Mikemo Capaldi in Fully Flared

**Pull a Legendary and unlock this physical card**

Starting at $9.69

Upcoming projects

  • Primitive Park skate session - Invite only
  • Marketplace (in progress)
  • Auctions from Pro's personal collections
  • Physical packs of cards

Moments in Skateboarding History

Series #1

Mikemo in Fully Flared

Behind the scenes of the switch fip explosion.

Series #2

Paul Rodriguez in "What The Prod!?"

The story about P-Rod's video part and his iconic shoe

Series #3

Torey Pudwill in "Bigger Bang"

One of the gnarlist video parts of all time.

Quickstrike #1

Tony Hawk's Last 900

The legendary trick that changed skating forever.

Quickstrike #2

Jaws at El Toro

Kickflip Melon down a 20 stair.

Quickstrike #3

Jamie Foy at Hollywood High

An iconic trick and an iconic spot.